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I'm an artist, an illustrator, a marketer, a developer, a brand manager, a researcher, a user experience and interface designer... a human.

I currently lead user experience, interface design and research with the digital acceleration team within Essilor International, with strengths in visual design, marketing and graphic design and varied corporate, B2C, B2B, and enterprise-level solution experiences. Currently have a bachelors in graphic design and certification in user experience design.

I apply a user-centered design approach with quick iteration Design Thinking principles to prioritize business and customer needs for digital products. I have experience working in Agile process flows for both design and development processes.


Personally, I am very empathetic. I originally minored in Sociology because of my fascination with human behavior and what makes people think and decide the things they do. I had two fathers (one my uncle on mom's side). This means I learned how to draw, sculpt and create.  I also did construction and learned how to build things very early.  Additionally, my mind works both like an artist while also working like an engineer. When I plan personal projects that are important to me, I imagine multiple scenarios and plan out the steps to ensure I don't get frustrated along the way... similar to how I design experiences.

What is Product Design?

Product design is the process of first: identifying a market opportunity, Next: clearly defining the problem, then developing a proper solution for that problem and validating the solution with real users.


But the, "find a problem / offer a solution" model is as old as time... In my opinion, what's being done in user experience and design thinking aligns very well with things we were doing back in the earlier days of design. Graphic design taught us to use grids, how to group pieces of information together, using smart headlines, provocative and informational copy and a clear CTA to guide customers where you wanted them to go. In advertising we used research models, like customer phone interviews, conducting in-store (in-person) surveys and in-house group sessions interviews and surveys (focus groups) and post-purchase satisfactory surveys, all to help build and or refine the product and the message.


North of two-dozen


Essilor International – Los Colinas, TX | 05/19 – Present
Group/Team: Digital Acceleration | Senior UX/Product Designer
Currently working with SEO and development to improve site performance though enhancements and improvements to the navigation, fonts and assets sizes. Designing online quizzes and early detection tools like, Myopia Screening, Frame Selector and integrated Chat Bot. Rethinking the geo-targeted online locator, with enhancements, added online booking features, pre-appointment reminders and prep video. Building Onboarding forms for current/new partners to integrate with our systems and working toward a full CRM experience that tracks customers end-to-end, from appointment booking to finished sale.

Additionally, working on rating capture to feature 5-Star rating and reviews, directly from our customers.
Sabre Corporation – Southlake, TX | 08/18 – 04/19
Senior UX/UI Designer & Research
Led UX feasibility analysis for Unily, a cloud-based intranet platform. Gathered utilization requirements from key stakeholders, across business units; assess ability of implementing each requirement in the Unily platform and set expectations with users.

UX Research: Performed site audits for all Business Units to determine outdated content. Developed comprehensive 36 question analysis to gain greater insight into Unily functionality and its integration with current Sharepoint model. Adjusted content flow to meet with the varied demands of corporate, while both restricting content provision on specific pages, while providing full content management on others, for specific users. Met with key stakeholders within the varied business units to capture requirements and set expectations. Regroup with stakeholder groups, present findings and high-fidelity wireframes, and reassess and shift designs as needed.

UX Design: Work with the current constraints of the Unily platform to design pages to meet the needs of varied stakeholders, create flows and ultimately design a high-fidelity prototype design in Sketch to allow Corporate Communications to shoot video footage for a sizzle-reel to introduce the new platform to the rest of the company.
AT&T – Partner Solutions – Plano, TX | 04/15 – Present
Group/Team: Digital Experience Group (UX Team) | Senior User Experience & Interface Designer

The AT&T Partner Exchange is a business and application-based website that allows resellers in our channel to sell AT&T products and services to their customers. The business is focused on increasing sales within its current customer base, while also recruiting new Service Providers through our web portal. Users can build and entire suite of products or, fill holes in their existing product offering. As lead UI designer and member of the UX team, I specialize in design and research from end-to-end, incorporating user-centered design, based on feedback through multiple UX practices and interviews, with internal stakeholders and users.

Major Projects

  • Design and redesign of existing and new pages within the current web portal, including a new unauthenticated and authenticated version of the portal

  • UX Research & Design: Research including, stakeholder and user interviews, card sorts, wire framing, fast prototyping, A/B testing, competitive analysis, field studies, site maps, user flows

  • Mobile Experience: Designing breakpoints in Axure for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone

  • Wire framing and Prototyping: Axure wire framing and prototyping

  • Comps & Redlines: Photoshop and Specctr

  • Digital Website Style Guide – to help direct onboard and offshore teams to maintain consistency


RealPage – Carrollton, TX | 07/12 – 04/15
Print & Interface Designer

RealPage is a property management application-based company, with a website that sells its products/services to large property management companies, giving them instant access to tools for accounting, business intelligence, spend management, online payments, renter’s insurance, resident portals, revenue management and more. I specialized in a hybrid role of designing marketing materials, such as brochures, ads, videos, logos, photo-retouch, as well as working on existing web pages and designing websites, banners, other web assets and content via WordPress CMS.


Major Projects

  • Web assets created in Illustrator and Photoshop including: animated icons, banner ads and page elements

  • Design and redesign of new and existing marketing materials including: logos, ads, brochures, and videos

  • Web page and website design: designs created for new pages and new website designs for business units

Blockbuster – McKinney, TX | 09/11 – 04/12
Visual Designer | Retail Designer

Blockbuster was the largest retail home video company in the US (still surviving in Alaska). As lead in-store retail promotions designer and visual designer for the eCommerce website I specialized in creating annual and special promotions for the remaining stores and designing the content for those promotions online.


Major Projects

  • Designing and creating home page promos, landing pages, gaming graphics, web banners, eNews offers and Ad Hoc emails. Creating and developing animated Flash banners for external placements

  • Working with marketing to produce retail POP displays, holiday POPs, internal signage, window clings, weekly and monthly specials, and retail disc wrap inserts

  • Design and creation of additional promotional materials, including Blockbuster
    Pass promotions
     and backer cards

Stratmark – Richardson, TX | 11/10 – 09/11
Art Director

Stratmark (aka Strategic Marketing) was a completely focused on charitable organizations and specialized in complete year-long direct mail programs designed to compel giving from its members for a variety of larger organizations including Feed the Children. As one of two Art Directors, I was responsible for designing and developing direct response marketing kits for half of the client base, this included comprehensive direct mail and web marketing that utilize test packages to measure performance with participating donors as well as endeavor to captivate new donors.


Major Projects
Designing and creating large themed direct-mail packages filled with gifts and other promotions geared to increase donor contributions for these clients: Feed the Children, The American Bible Society, Feed the Children, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Church World Service and Oblate Missions

Consultant Work (Various Agencies) – Raleigh/Durham, NC | 07/09 – 10/10 
Art Director


Short-term consultancy and freelance work for various clients including, Micromass Communications, Burt’s Bees, FWV Distilled, Carolina Gold and Akela Financial. In this role I met with a variety of clientele and was called in to work on specific promotions as well as, creating new branding for various small businesses.


Major Projects

  • Creating new branding and updating existing branding, with solutions in print and online

  • Concept design and creation of new drug promotions for doctors to sell to care givers and patients

  • Design websites and other associated graphics

  • Design and creation of POS in-store signage and other promotions

BtB Marketing Communications – Raleigh, NC | 01/05 – 06/09
Senior Art Director | Web/Visual Designer

BtB (Business-to-Business) Marketing is a small ad agency focused on mostly B2B clients while also working with a few unique B2C clientele. The business focus was on tech and green tech. I focused on our largest accounts designing websites, ads, annual reports, brochures, logos and more.

Major Projects

  • Concept direction for award-winning ad campaign, annual reports and trade show booth for large accounts; Art Direction of photo shoots for key accounts; Creation of website visual designs, web banner advertising, logo and corporate identities, additional promotion

  • Management of web teams (internet projects) and brand teams to develop and maintain consistency of collateral, and minimize redundancy in rebranding program for client

  • Usability Testing

  • Field Studies/Contextual Inquiry

  • Personas & Scenarios

  • Interaction Flow Map

  • Interface Prototyping

  • User & Stakeholder Interviews

  • Competitive Site Analysis

  • Mood/Style/Inspiration Boards

  • Wireframes

  • Pixel Perfect Comps

  • Cognitive Walkthrough

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Style Guides

  • Marketing

  • Brand Design

  • Front-end Development

Hardware | Software

Comprehensive knowledge of Macintosh
& Windows OS

  • Axure

  • Figma

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • HTML & CSS

  • InVision

  • Indesign

  • Microsoft Word

  • Powerpoint

  • Protopie

  • Rally

  • Agile

  • Mural

  • Sketch

  • Slack

  • Zeplin

Career Advantages
  • Interactive Education – User Experience (UX) Certification, Solid knowledge of, HTML, CSS, Sketch, Axure and Protopie

  • Experience with taking a concept from vision to wireframe to comp (shareable with development) to working prototype, to testing model (with written script) to refined design ready for development

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills – Communicated with V.P.’s and saved companies thousands of dollars negotiating with vendors and developed presentation skills

  • Leadership and group collaboration –Managed web teams as well as collaborating in teams and coordination with dev teams to meet deadlines

  • Expert level photographic retouch – Extremely valuable in reworking imagery to fit in specified (restrictive) sizes and having an eye for merging multiple parts of imagery into a merged final photo that looks completely natural

Areas of Interest
  • Member of Capital City Toastmasters

  • Member of the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals

  • Southern Methodist University
    User Experience (UX) Design Certification


  • University of North Texas
    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Communication Design



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