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With a background and titles as a graphic designer, visual designer, art director, web designer, front end developer, image retoucher and user experience and interface designer, there's a high likelihood I've encountered just about every challenge.

What's your challenge?  Let's talk.


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Leslie Davis

UX Architect & Strategist

Will has been an asset to our team from day one. We are a small team trying to make a big difference for our users and the business, and Will has done everything from wireframes to a comprehensive style guide to animation prototypes. He is fast with deliverables, collaborative with the team, and always open to learning.


Amanjot Sandhu

UX Architect

Will is very talented and skilled designer. His work speaks for itself. One of his best traits is his ability to adapt and produce quick outcomes when needed. I have had an opportunity to work with him for past couple of years on multiple assignments and I would recommend him to any design organization. Good luck Will and keep continuing what you do best.....being creative, funny and skilled.....


Colleen Wood


Marketing Strategy

Will is an efficient and talented visual designer. Will and I worked on numerous marketing campaigns for Will's background and experience brought new ideas and concepts and helped drive our business to the next level. He was available to concept new ideas despite a hectic schedule. Will always delivered quality on time. Will is versatile and an excellent communicator. He welcomes feedback and explores every avenue.


Geoff Dunkak

V.P. Creative Services

Will is a talented art director, designer and image creator. Need proof? Just check out his website. Amazing work! But Will brings more than creative ability to the equation. He has the critical understanding that good design is more than beautiful images. It's about communication to your customers. Whatever he creates—websites, advertising, collateral—you can be sure that the marketing message is always at the forefront and the visuals, copy and call to action will all work in tandem to generate action. Plus, he's the ultimate team player and a really nice guy!


Josh Freemen

CEO Founder & Creative Director

Will is one talented designer. He created a number of stunning pieces for us that were strong conceptually, elegantly executed and, yes, award-winning. I'm happy to recommend him.

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