• Will Slaton

Branding Is Everything...

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

It really all starts with branding... If you're an existing brand, you are in one of three places... 1) Brand Focused 2) Sales Focused or somewhere (confused) in-between... The markets are rife with products on products. If Apple releases a phone with no earphone plug, there are more than 15 products that can solve your problem. Heck, even Apple is cashing in on it.

When you are focused on the masses, you focus on Sales... but when you're focused on brand (not a logo) then you are more interested in reaching your "audience", and there is a big difference!

Everything else that comes after that (products and services) should be primarily aimed at serving your brands goal. If your current brand strategy is built around a model that focuses on primarily on getting as much sales as possible, while the iron (product offering) is hot, then your "brand" won't be long for this world, unless of course you enjoy scarcity... but then that too will eventually come to an end.

Scarcity gives you free rein to enjoy the windfall of opportunity gained through inventions of new, or even simply more optimized experiences. This is "King of the Hill" at it's finest... For, whomever can race to the top the quickest, wins!... at least for a while.

In order to keep the king from toppling is your brands ability to help your customers, and knowing which customer's are the ones that want your help. While racing to the top you need to make sure you are properly seeding the brand essence and meaning into everything you touch. What your brand stands for will in time grow roots and keep you planted. The mass market appeal once known, will begin to diminish and only strong, true fans will remain.

The cool thing to being the first to the top is that your audience is prime and ready to tell you what's wrong, rather than just heading off to one of the other brands. And... the early adopters are the first to jump on board of a first of it's kind product/service offering, and those early adopters are the ones with the greatest feedback because they are the most enthusiastic to get it.

In the end, branding (done well) is the relatable and comfortable connection between you and your customers... everything that follows should always keep that in mind.

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