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With an upcoming announcement at a Channel Partners event and a condensed time frame AT&T introduces its partners to its IoT offerings

AT&T Partner Exchange prepared for an upcoming channel event, called SUMMIT, where they planned to unveil a new product offering in the coveted IoT (Internet of Things) market space. But a complex IoT integration needed a story to simplify it.

I met with and listened carefully to a room full of managers, directors, marketing and development, to address their greatest needs, while not creating a project that grew out of the control of a tight development cycle.

The synthesis of the entire groups comments were that they needed a way to communicate the variety of integration opportunities that IoT potentially offered in a single day, while also realizing that the story needed to involve multiple users and be limited to local shores. I came to the conclusion that the best way to solve this, while maintaining the AT&T brand ideal, was to create a story of objects (not people) and build them in the brand style found in recently developed artwork.





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